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Vanishing Act (A Jane Whitefield Novel) Thomas Perry

Vanishing Act (A Jane Whitefield Novel)

Thomas Perry

Published 1995
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jane Whitefield is a kick-ass and take no names heroine. She is my new fav. Those that are Tony Hillerman fans might like Jane as well, but without the woo-woo. Jane helps people step off the grid...way off the grid. As never to be heard from again and she is very, very good at what she does. But when a smooth talking tall dark man comes into Janes life even she cant seem to see the forest for the pair of dark eyes looking into hers.So when he needs help to disappear she cant seem to break holes within his story. Although as the reader you are setting in your seat going Jane...wake up girl...wake up. She puts all her resources to work for John and steps away from him, leaving her heart behind. But once she learns the truth of what she has set in motion, no place on earth will protect the man that has done Jane Whitefield wrong. She calls upon all the help of her Native American ancestors as she sets out to track a hunter. There is a lot of Indian lore and history that is presented.This is a new series for me, but I am already collecting, because Jane is awesome!